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22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards 


Author: J.T.Twerell

Judge Number: 15

Entry Category: Genre Fiction

Judge’s Commentary*: 

THE DRAGON'S ORB by J. T. Twerell is a great read for those who like fast-paced tales of international intrigue. The story grabs the reader from the very beginning, putting the reader into immediate action. Readers will certainly keep turning the page with this book. The dialogue is natural and realistic, and the plot is not so far-fetched that readers won’t be willing to go along for the ride.

An especially strong point is that this story has enough romance to captivate women readers, but will keep men interested because it is exotic and has technical details. Not every author manages this balance. An additional strong point is that the stakes are high enough to hold the author’s audience.

Citing the author’s web site on the back cover is an excellent idea. I visited the site, and learned much of value about this author. Because of his profession and experience, he is able to capture romantic elements of a relationship and intertwine them with a larger plot of intrigue. I also see that this author has written several other books. Although I am not familiar with the other titles, THE DRAGON’S ORB would seem to be a great entry to keep his fans entertained and engaged with his work.

J. T. Twerell

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The Dragon’s Orb - New Book


In the 1970’s, France developed a nuclear missile program called the TN-90. In 1996, President Mitterand slashed the program and placed the remaining warheads in storage.
Unfortunately, five of the missiles were recently “lost” and somehow North Korea “found” them.

Review by Feathered Quill Reviews


The Dragon's Orb - 5 Star Book

By J. T. Twerell
Publisher: L W Publications, Inc. Publication Date: December 2013 ISBN: 1494401959
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler Review Date: July 2014

Coco Chanel and the world of Parisian couture was soon tossed to the wayside when Dawn met Anthony. It wasn’t a whirlwind romance, but rather a fling in The City of Light, one that she’d never forget. Dawn was a fashion designer for an American label, but this trip to Paris was all play and no work. “Kiss me here in the dark,” he gently asked, “and help me build another memory.” The kiss was quickly forgotten as the quiet of the night was shattered when a shot rang out. One body lay on the ground and Anthony quickly began to run to distract the killers and shield Dawn from the murderous scene before them. It was like a nightmare as the scene began to flash before her eyes.

The killer was an Asian, light-skinned, with a scar on his face. He had a “gold ring with a large white stone” and he also had her wallet. Memories. The blood continued to flow when she returned to her hotel. The desk clerk was dead because she’d dropped that wallet. They’d come looking for her. What could Dawn tell the cops about anything when she didn’t even know Anthony’s last name? She desperately needed to return home and fled to De Gaulle International in hopes that she could make the whole situation go away. Little did she know that the world would soon be following her flight to New York. Detective Gerald Denton had seen that desk clerk lying in his own blood. An APB had been issued for a Ms. Dawn Laskey and he was on the case, heading to New York in search of her.

Dawn had finally escaped to the safety of the plane, but was that plane seat really safe? Denton was there, but two others began their pursuit and watched her every move. The man with that ring, a ring that had a “dragon sitting on a ball” was there. Then there was yet another man. They were Munmu warriors and they had a “task destined to restore Korea to it’s rightful place as a world-changing authority.” Dawn was carrying nothing but the clothes on her back and her purse, but little did she know she was also carrying something that could destroy the world. RAID would soon be sending a French combat unit into Brooklyn’s streets. Dawn’s little fling with Anthony was nothing serious or was it? Was Detective Denton going to be able to save her or was this a case way beyond something he’d ever tried to solve? What did these people want that was so valuable?

This fast-paced international thriller drew me into its pages rapidly. It’s a quick read with a tight, interesting plot that kept me turning the pages. I would have liked to have seen Dawn’s character fleshed out a bit to match those of her unknown enemies Pun Jo Jai and Din Wa. However, the plot was fascinating and the twists and turns gave it a movie-like excitement that I really liked. The descriptions of the Munmu warriors and their society mushroomed and wove its way through the pages making me wonder when they would leap out again. J. T. Twerell made the unbelievable seem totally logical and real, something that is a difficult task at best. The ‘enemy’ wasn’t hiding in the shadows, something that made this one all the more exciting.

Quill says: Twerell’s The Dragon’s Orb leaves the reader wondering and wanting a sequel. Will we be seeing more of Detective Denton?