Dr. J.T. Twerell has authored a number of books including Inner Peace, Marriage and Family Christian Counseling Principals, and Rational Emotive Pastoral Counseling.


Dr. Janetta Twerell, received her Doctorate in Social/Personality Psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist providing counseling to individuals, adolescents and families.

J. T. Twerell

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Over the last years, as a couple, we have watched our journey take many different detours and adjustments, but as a couple we have tenaciously held on to our journey plan of loving each other and making the best of what we experienced. We found that the journey is an educational format, which teaches us about reality through both hard experiences and wonderful adventures.


The book contains some thoughts and exercises from our journey, which we anticipate may help others as a roadmap or a GPS to keep them on course in order to reach their destinations. We hope it will be a refreshing pause as you continue your journey individually or as a partner with your journey mate.