Writers Digest 17th Annual International Book Awards:

Twerell offers a new creative take on human creation, a more ideal, mystical, spiritual approach, much removed from violence or death in the biblical chapters. It's not just Adam and Eve, but a number of Adams, female and male. Dr. Twerell's fluid writing presents quite easily these new creatures' discoveries about themselves, each other, their new emotions and how to deal with them, as they ease into their new life, with the guidance of their spiritual guide Domatarious. Dr Twerell's presentation of sex in all its innocence is beautifuly written and believable.
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J. T. Twerell

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This is the book of  the generations of Adam:  male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam,  in the day when they were created.  Genesis 5:1,2

Quantum Physics teaches us that all things are one.

The Bible reveals that male and female are both called Adam and are one.

The headlines of our daily paper tell us we are at war with each other and are separate.

What went wrong?
The exciting novel, I Am Adam, is part of a chronicle concerning a mystical figure known as Domatarious. A Spiritual Guide, Domatarious has the responsibility to preserve the truths of the Power of Love and Light within a new species known as humans. In the book I AM ADAM, we are introduced to the new human creations as they experience love, joy, fear and the destructive power of the ego's shadow. It is the first romance story as the new species of humans learn to love, trust, and find the meaning of passion. It is the ultimate story of true love relationships living in harmony.