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Our blog on RELATIONSHIPS AND ROMANCE; SOME CONTINUING THOUGHTS offers an ongoing dialog about modern relationship from the perspective of Dr. Twerell's 30 years of counseling experience. He and his wife, Dr. Janetta Astone-Twerell team up to provide insite and guidance to an expanding audience. Click here to Join the discussion today.

Just Say’n is Dr. Twerell’s daily blog in which he shares thoughts about life over 50. Join in the fun by clicking here
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My joy and privilege during my journey of life has been the ability to explore magnificent truths and receive inspiration that can be shared with others through written works. 
I Am Adam & Light and Shadow uses fiction to challenge the reader about their own spiritual journey and help them discover new possibilities for deeper exploration.
The non-fiction book “Inner Space” is a guide for counselors and clergy seeking a structured approach to spiritual counseling.  
Finally, the secular books are mysteries, romance, and fun that reflect my own love of life. "SIGNAL 30" explores the intricacies of a police investigation.  “Catch and Release,” is a romance/suspense with more twist and turns than  you can imagine. My newest books are “PSYCH", a psychological thriller and "Off The Hook" - a romance/mystery with a paranormal twist.  Explore the website, but above all, enjoy your journey.